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PAWS Police Agency for Witches and Shifters

Prequel Coming 17 February 2024

Final with PAWS Sign.jpg

Winning a luxury spa weekend away is every witch’s dream. But when murder crashes the party, guess who’s saving the day?

Winning Witch Weekly's contest was the last thing I expected, but who’d say no to a weekend at the lavish Breawood Manor? With my boyfriend away, it was Jordi, my bestie, who scored the plus-one. We were ready for luxury, but not for the twist that awaited us.

Our seemingly devoted maid? A secret agent from PAWS Police Academy for Witches and Shifters, there to recruit me to help uncover the owner’s secrets and the manor’s mysterious return to grace. Me, a murder-solving novice, now thrust into the heart of a mystery.

The shocker? Jordi finding the manor’s playboy gardener dead in the spa. Suddenly, our dream weekend turned into a high-stakes whodunit. With suspects galore and clues scarce, we were racing against the clock. Could we unmask the killer before our ruse unravelled? Or would our sleuthing land us in hot water?

Maid for Murder is the prequel novella to the new paranormal cozy mystery series, PAWS – Police Agency for Witches and Shifters, a spinoff from the popular Melting Pot Café Mysteries. If you like witty witches, supernatural trickery sprinkled with pampered drama, you’ll love Maid for Murder.

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