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The Well Watchers of Breckin River

Meet Tash, Lexi, Jamie, Carmen and Katie.
They make up one kiss-arse magical crime fighting team that will do almost anything to defend their heritage and protect the Shardore Eye.

Welcome to The Well Watchers of Breckin River. Join the ladies as they battle the forces of evil in this steamy, edge-of-your-seat action packed series.

The Well Watchers are of the magical kind fated to fulfill their destiny entrusted to serve and protect the portal at all costs.


Follow along as they venture into places unknown tackling situations involving loan sharks to abducted friends and ancient curses to lost princess and evil societies determined to destroy them once and for all. Where there’s danger, you’re sure to find one, or all of the Well Watchers determined to win the battle, no matter the size.


Book 4

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Book 5

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